Garvald Home Farm

Lying in the hills behind Dolphinton, Garvald Home Farm sits astride the boundary between Peeblesshire and South Lanarkshire and comprises nearly 200 acres of land owned and leased by the Garvald Trust.

Established in 1987, this true Social Enterprise is today home to a small community of adults, some with learning disabilities, living and working together to run the farm according to biodynamic principles.

A peacock on the hill behind the farm

The farm is first and foremost a working biodynamic farm that is also the permanent home of the residents and staff. It is not an “open” farm but we are always pleased to see people walking though the farm to join the Pentland Way or to visit the Covenanter’s Grave. As we develop our facilities over the next few years we aim to sell our meat and dairy products at a small shop within the historic steading. In the meantime there are occasional events at the farm which are principally aimed at the biodynamic and anthroposophical community and also at our friends and neighbours in Garvald West Linton and beyond.