Development (exterior infrastructure)

The exterior development work at Garvald Home Farm is now effectively complete. Generous funding from Scottish Borders LEADER Fund, the Robertson Trust, SSE Sustainable Development Fund, and the Garvald Trust has allowed the creation of a new access road, two new sheds, a rainwater harvesting system, and handling systems for sheep and cattle. This is documented below in text and photographs. Please see development (big byre interior) for a report on the development of our meat and dairy processing facilities.



Work on Garvald Home Farm’s “Galvanising Garvald” project started on 7th May 2018 with the arrival of a 22-tonne excavator and driver Mark from MWGroundworks:

Mark cut the first turf to make a temporary road, to allow construction of a new road access to Walton Cottage:

The temporary road was soon open:

The existing track through the Kennel Field was closed off to allow three big limes to be felled:

Excavation could then begin on the new access:

Many lorries with tonnes of stone for foundation and surfacing:

Hey presto! A new road….

…and a cattle grid from Allan Jeffrey.

The road banks have since greened up nicely.

Wild flowers rampant

The new road allowed work to begin on replacing two old sheds. First, a bit of tree surgery:

And a container to hoist out of the way:

The Dutch Barn, already damaged by winter storms, is given a big push:

Dancing excavators clear tonnes of debris:

The tin shed behind the back shed is given a sharp pull…

And it’s down:

Soon there is a big empty space ready for a new wooden Farmplus shed:

A newly exposed seam of soft sand attracts a huge new colony of sand martins:

The sand martins are left alone while we build a giant lego retaining wall:

Each block weighs over two tonnes:

Meanwhile, all of the other shed has vanished… well, all but some metal uprights:

Now the new Farmplus shed is being put together by Ian and Dale:

The first truss in place last weekend:

The shed skeleton is now complete!

The roof goes on:

Ian and Dale justifiably proud of what can be done with a hammer, ladder, and a lot of nails:

In October, Friends of the Pentlands return to re-instate the public access to the Pentland Way past the new shed:

New steps…

and a restored fingerboard:

At the end of the month, Kim and David light up the new shed…

Let there be light…

In November, the work goes on. Here’s 20 odd tonnes of new steel shed from Robinsons, designed to fit onto the back of the existing “back shed”:

Robinsons remove the gable end cladding from what will be the middle of the new shed:

The first roof span — it fits!

Framed out…

A long-awaited roller shutter door

The extension seamlessly joined to the old shed (fast forward to summer!). Good work by the three Campbell brothers:

And thanks to Adam for a lovely wooden sign at the new road junction:

Two large 10,000 litre water tanks have arrived, and here’s one of the concrete plinths to hold them

Tanks in place…

Plumbed in to the rhones and downpipes…

…and able to supply water to cattle and sheep in pens

The concrete foundation for a state of the art cattle handling system from John Thorburn

…and installed

The much smaller sheep handling system in use for shearing

After a long delay we get round to buying some feed barriers for the back shed extension, Dean lending a hand

The new bull pen

Barriers in place…

…and water! 

Updated January 2020

Funding has been provided by generous grants from Scottish Borders LEADER Fund, the Robertson Trust, SSE Sustainable Development Fund, and the Garvald Trust. We are also raising money through individual philanthropic donations and fundraising websites such as JustGiving. Please see our donate page for information on how to help us.

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